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Our AI rewards caregivers for better performance. Agencies lower turnover by 30%, grow referrals 6X, and unlock 20% more billable hours with Ava.


Ava Integrates Directly with your Preferred EMR, Representing over 5,000 Agencies

Trusted By Top Homecare Agencies

The recruiting process before Ava had its ups and downs. Ava changed everything – by drawing in caregivers excited to work with us.
Emily K., Caregiver Recruiter
Ava allows us to immediately recognize caregivers for excellence in the field. When they clock in and out on time and make multiple shifts sequentially we can properly reward them for that.
Ben P., Franchise Owner
What I love about the Ava buddy system is that they’re instantly there for any questions I or the caregivers might have. It’s just as simple as clicking the button and sending a message to them.
Gina T., Scheduler & Caregiver Coordinator
Ava really drives you. It helps keep me on task to clock in on time, clock out on time, get things that I might procrastinate about or forget. And I absolutely love how you get different gift cards to places.
Toni J., Caregiver, Former RN

What Ava Does For You

Caregiver Rewards

Unlock Every Aide’s Full Potential with Rewards

Ava uses rewards to optimize caregiver behavior to meet your agency's goals and boost overall performance.
  • Lower Turnover
  • Total Aide Compliance
  • More Referrals
Caregiver Staffing

Solving Staffing on Both Ends

Ava rewards caregivers for referrals, incentivizing higher word of mouth for new positions at your agency.
Aides using Ava stick with their agencies longer because we tap into their purpose beyond a paycheck.
Agency Performance

Increasing Agency Revenue & Client Satisfaction

Ava lowers caregiver callout rates and increases timeliness across the board so that clients receive consistent care and you're able to maximize billing.

Agencies regularly increase billable hourse by 20% with Ava.
  • Lower Callout Rates
  • More Billable Hours
  • Zero Switching Costs

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Let Ava take a few headaches off your plate today.
More Referrals
Higher Retention
Billable Hours